Tuesday, January 29, 2019


God's Love For You

( TPT -The Passion Translation - 1 John 4:7 - 11  )
7.  Those who are loved by God, let His Love continually pour from You to others,
because God IS Love. Everyone who loves is fathered by God and experiences
an intimate knowledge of Him.
8.  The one who doesn't love has yet to know God, for God IS Love.
9.  The light of God's Love shined within Us when He sent His matchless Son
into the world so that We might live through Him.
10. It was His Love: He Loved Us long before We loved Him.It was His Love, not Ours.
He proved it by sending His Son to be the pleasing sacrificial offering to take away Our sins.
11. Delightfully loved ones, if He Loved Us with such tremendous Love,
then ''loving one another'' should be Our way of life !

God So Love People He Sent a Savior ( Jesus His Son ). Jesus was sent to be born,
to die, to rise again. God gave Jesus to DIE for Us to GIVE to Us to LIVE through Us.
Jesus ONLY reason for the cross was so that We could have and live and enjoy life,
in abundance ( to the full, till it overflows IN every area of Our lives  ( John 10:10 ).

Please be Encouraged
In The Love of Jesus

Robert and Barbara Corprew

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

The Cure For Unbelief

We Must Be Taught ...
Whosoever shall believe and call and receive The Lord shall be saved.
How can they believe without hearing and how can they hear without a preacher or
without being taught what is written in The Word of God ( Romans 10:13 and 14 ).
The Cure for Unbelief is Teaching ( Romans 10:17 ) says that Faith for The Word of God
only comes by hearing and hearing The Word of God.
Lord I Believe help My Unbelief  ( Mark 9:23 - 25 ) all things are possible to and for them
who can believe. Did You know  that You can believe in Your heart and that You can still
have doubt in Your head.
Doubt and or Unbelief is nothing more than Distractions or Intrusions that comes from Satan
to steal, kill and destroy, Your mind or Your way of thinking ( John 10:10 ) and to cause You
to be swayed from the Truth of God's Word that will cause You Confusion that will take You
to a place of desolation ( a state of complete emptiness or destruction).
God's Word Written on The pages of The Bible are Spirit and Life to and for all who will hear
and believe and receive what is written ( John 6:63 ) The Cure For Unbelief  Is Teaching.
We Must Be Taught ...

In The Love of Jesus
Robert and Barbara Corprew

Friday, December 28, 2018



All Marital Relationships are Worth Saving. WHY ???
When You have invested time in Your Marriage IT IS Worth Saving. Why take Yourself  through
the annoyances of starting over. Learn to perfect that which You have time invested in.
Chances are if this Marriage IS NOT Working for whatever reasons, DO NOT mean, start over,
or throw it away, in hopes that the next one will, because that's NOT necessarily so.
Especially if both persons ARE NOT going in the same direction.
Now !!! that's something to give serious thought to. How CAN two walk / live together,
when they ARE NOT IN Agreement.
If God IS NOT IN The Mix, You won't make it, it won't work.
That's the grounds for NOT Getting Married in the first place.
That's also the grounds for going in Your own separate ways.
This Insight IS for those that are Contemplating Marriage, as well as for those that are already
in a Marriage Relationship, and  for those whose  Marital Relationship IS unequally yoke.
The Love chapter of the Bible ( 1 Corinthians 13:4-8 ) should have been a intimate part
of Your Lives before Marriage. If it was not,  it should become an intimate part
of Your Marriage now. Read those verses from several translations and get understanding.
Marriage Partners must learn the art of Give and Take, and not always questioning
what Can I Get , rather what Can I bring to the Relationship. Relationships must be Worked,
they ARE NOT and WILL NOT be Automatic. Partners must learn to see each other,
through the eyes of love and faith and NOT after the flesh. When this is learned,

Be Encouraged
Robert and Barbara Corprew

Saturday, December 15, 2018


Relationships Must be Give and Take in order to work for the good of both Persons.
Give and Take meaning - Love DO NOT insist on it's own way. If and When both persons
Practice purposefully out Giving or out Doing for the other. Your Relationship will then
always be in a Give and Take Position. Learn to see the good in Your partner.
If and When You choose to labor on the bad or mistakes of Your partner,
You will find Yourself  NOT Giving. If and When that happens,
Love will insist on it's own way, therefor You will NOT See
the needs, desires, wants of Your partner. WHY ??? Because now You ONLY See
what You need, desire, want for Yourself. The meaning of that IS Selfishness.
GIVE and TAKE - IS a Two Way Occurrence meaning Practice being a GIVER

Be Encouraged
Robert and Barbara Corprew

Friday, November 23, 2018

Relationships ...
The Truths of Relationships ARE and CAN be as good as YOU want them to be.
LOOK for someone that's going after God with Sincerity YOU Can See a Phony.
Loving God IS the first requisition ( requirement ) Everything else Can be worked out, ''IF''
YOU Both want the same thing. Peace, Understanding, Patience, Respect, and a Family.
Tired of Wasting Time looking for happiness. True happiness comes from The Joy of The Lord.
STOP Looking for perfectness and Look for Godliness.
Bring bring YOU Whole Self into The Relationship and YOUR Partner should bring
their Whole Self into The Relationship.
Two Half's MAKE A FIT
that's just some food for thought
Let God be The Center of YOUR Relationships

With Much Love
Robert & Barbara Corprew

Tuesday, July 10, 2018


Hear Say IS and CAN be Dangerous ...

When YOU repeat what YOU hear someone say even if it has an element of truth to it,
now YOU become apart of gossip and spreading rumors and please know,
once something get into the ears of others, Good or Bad, Wrong or Right,
what YOU heard WILL soon get lost in it's translation.
The rumor YOU heard has now become tainted and stretched way out of proportion.
STOP judging people by hear says because the authenticity IS now tainted.

Love Always Covers NOT Reveal

Be Encouraged
Robert & Barbara Corprew

Sunday, June 10, 2018


When YOU Repeat what YOU heard someone say, even if it has an element of truth to it,
now YOU become apart of gossip and spreading rumors and PLEASE know once something
get into the ears of others it soon get lost in it's translation.
The rumor YOU heard has now become tainted and stretched way out of portion.
STOP judging people by hear says, because the authenticity is now tainted.

DO TODAY what WILL bring YOU Peace Tomorrow

be Quick to Listen
be Slow to Speak
DO NOT Judge
be Quick to Forgive
be Slow to take Offense
SEE People through the eyes of Faith, through the eyes of Love, after the Spirit,
NEVER After the Flesh.

PLEASE Be Encouraged
Robert & Barbara Corprew